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What “Lift As We Climb” Means

Remember when I wrote about why good people aren’t always inclusive leaders? In that letter, I covered how to use our privilege for good. One of the most significant ways to do this? Amplify the voices of others with less privilege If you have a platform and influence, you have a responsibility to use your privilege in a tangible, actionable way to amplify the voices of others. This could be in a meeting: “Ruchika had a great idea, I wanted to echo it.” It could be selecting someone who is fully qualified but often overlooked to lead the client presentation. And it absolutely could look like using your social media platforms to shout out people and stories and products that should be elevated. When we amplify others, we not only ensure that more voices are heard, but we create a culture of success. People feel safer and more confident speaking up and sharing ideas. We establish an environment where we can learn more about each other and the world, particularly when it comes to experiences that are different from our own. Underestimated people often get overlooked because (technology) platforms and people are biased. A small example: A reader wrote to me that when she searched for a book on leadership and inclusion on Amazon, the algorithm suggested three books for her to buy, all by white men. My own book had to be explicitly searched, because the algorithms are coded to show that women of color don’t write leadership books. Turning over the mic to others is so crucial in building an inclusive, equitable society. Not to speak for others, but to create opportunities for them to speak for themselves. I am lucky enough to have a combined follower count of over 50,000 people across all of my social media platforms. So this July, I’m turning them over to you!

Here I am holding a few copies of Inclusion On Purpose with the text, "Social Media Takeover #AmplifyJuly! Want to reach 50,000+ social media followers? For all of July, Ruchika is turning her socials OVER TO YOU! Apply to be amplified:"

Every weekday in July, I’ll be highlighting a new person.

Please submit to be featured here.

How Can I Amplify Others?

I often get asked about how to "be an ally" (and if you're a regular reader, you'll know I use "ally" as a verb, not noun). To practice allyship consistently and meaningfully, it's necessary to use any and all platforms and privileges you have to amplify others who don't have the same ones -- particularly those from underestimated communities. That means giving credit to the woman of color who often gets talked over in meetings. It means sharing great content created by and featuring folks from overlooked communities. It means frequenting and praising and buying from great restaurants, cafes, vendors etc...from marginalized entrepreneurs. We all have an opportunity to amplify others, even if we think we don't. I'm trying to be intentional to do this right with Amplify July. Can you reflect on ways you could amplify others within your spheres of influence? And in the meantime… I’ll be taking August off, inspired by the brilliant work of Tricia Hersey in Rest Is Resistance. So can I amplify you? I can’t wait to see your submissions!


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