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Moving DEI from Intention to Impact

If there's one thing I wish everyone who took this course, read my book, and in general, knew about inclusion in the workplace, it's that we all have the power to make change.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Reexamining good intentions around inclusion

  • What is an inclusion mindset?

  • Introduction to the BRIDGE framework

  • Becoming okay with being uncomfortable

  • Why people are so bad at DEI

  • How can you cultivate diverse perspectives?

  • How can you get better feedback on being more inclusive?

  • Inviting feedback for managers and leaders

  • How can you invite feedback even if you're not a manager?

  • How active listening helps overcome defensiveness

  • How to recover from making a mistake

  • How to be accountable for greater inclusion

  • Why rushing into action doesn't help

  • And more!

About the course:


You’ve probably encountered initiatives at your workplace focused on increasing inclusion. Some seem to work, some have no effect, and some even have a negative impact. What differentiates these efforts at creating inclusive environments? While they may all be created with good intentions, good intentions alone are not enough. In fact, as Ruchika Tulshyan illustrates in this course, good intentions without awareness can be the biggest barrier to creating a truly inclusive environment, because many of us believe intention alone is enough to make change. They’re not. Your intentions may be positive, but they may not be received positively. True impact requires much more effort than simply having good intentions, it takes learning and regular practice. Take this course to find out how.

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