Please apply for a weekly, no-strings attached grant for mothers of color who are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.


It will begin with one $250 grant a week, with the hope that I'll be able to support more amazing mums of color over time.


This was inspired by the fantastic 1K Project by Minda Brusse and Alex Iskold – please support if you are able, and Emma Johnson's single mom stimulus.


Please do apply for those, especially if you do not fit for the criteria of this grant, which specifically focuses on womxn from communities of color, who have children. 

Please fill out the short application process below. The amazing Amina Ibrahim is helping me with reading applications and selecting applicants.


Para acceder a la aplicación en español, por favor haga clic aquí.

Karina San Juan and Silvia Jaramillo are kindly assisting me with this.

If you are interested in donating so we can reach more women quickly, please donate here -- you will receive a tax receipt through Seattle Works.

This will be in addition to, not in lieu of, the weekly grants I'm personally making.

Thank you for applying. I see you. I stand in support with you. I'm rooting for you!

** PLEASE READ FOR EXTRA INFORMATION: Friends, thank you for the overwhelming response. Clearly, the need for this is far exceeds supply.

Please don't email me with singular questions - I am running this almost entirely by myself and it is a personal grant. I don't have staff, it is hard for me to build out capacity right now. Believe me, I understand the limitations of this - from lack of language access, to the small amount to....basically everything. I did this because I know the need exists. If you are able to help with logistics, please reach out.

I am not an expert in grantmaking, philanthropy while I accept your criticism and requests, I ask you to please be kind. Thank you!

Stay tuned to read about the incredible recipients, weekly!

1. Claudia, WA state, two children, husband in critical state from contracting COVID-19.

2. Anonymous recipient, one child, survivor of domestic violence

3. Anonymous recipient, one child survivor of domestic violence

WEEK 2 (FRIDAY, MAY 29) - Bolstered by donors' incredible generosity, we are sending more grants this week!

1. Diosa, WA State, mother of one preemie currently in the NICU

2. Anonymous, domestic violence survivor with 1 child

3. Abril, WA Mother of 5 children, lost job due to COVID, and was recently hospitalized  and diagnosed with heart failure

4. Esperanza, mother of 4. Worked in an Iowa meat packing plant, got COVID-19 and has been unable to work since then 
5. Ramona, LA. Single mother of 3, who lost her job in housekeeping

6. Talia, GA. Cares for her disabled mother, and one child. She has been laid off due to COVID-19

7. Anonymous Recipient, WA, mother of 4

8. Ishle, HI, single mother of 2, who was laid off


  1. Cristina, Mother of 2, undocumented and out of work

  2. Elizabeth, WA, Mother of 3, lost her job due to COVID-19

  3. Anonymous, MO, Mother of 2

  4. Anonymous, CA, single mother of toddler, lost employment

  5. Saundra, PA. Provides for her grandmother and daughter. Lost her job and has been impacted by COVID-19.

  6. Dayana, WA state. Mother of 1, reduced hours due to COVID-19

  7. Alyvia, WA, pregnant mother of 1, lost job due to COVID-19

  8. Anonymous, WA. Mother of 3


  1. Anonymous, WA

  2. Ebony, CA, Mother of 3, unable to work due to COVID. Domestic Violence survivor

  3. Juana, TX, Single mother of 7, lost employment due to COVID-19

  4. Martha, WA. Single mother of twins. Preschool teacher with reduced hours due to COVID-19. 

  5. Lorena, WA, Single mother of 2. Both she and one of her daughters have lost employment and work hours due to COVID-19


 1. Araceli, WA. Mother of 4, lost her job due to COVID-19

 2. Carmina, WA. Mother of 1, lost her job due to COVID-19

 3. Claudia, WA. Mother of 2, lost her job due to COVID-19 and is pregnant with a higher-risk pregnancy

 4. Araceli, WA. Mother of 4, lost her job due to COVID-19

-- Henceforth, grants will be disbursed from the Seattle Works Mothers of Color fund--


  1. Teresa, WA. Mother of 2, lost her job due to COVID-19

  2. Anonymous, TX. Mother of 4, lost all current and future work due to COVID-19

  3. Anonymous, WA. Mother of 6 

  4. Martha, WA. Single mother of twins. She is a preschool teacher with reduced hours due to COVID-19.

  5. Yuridia, WA. Mother of 3, lost her job due to COVID-19

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