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Buy My New Book From These Great Women of Color-Owned Bookstores

One way to practice inclusion every day is by being intentional about who owns the stores you buy from.

Below is a list of bookstores owned by women of color that have my book, Inclusion on Purpose, available for pre-order now.

Thank you, Laura Clise of Intentionalist for curating this amazing list and always reminding us to #SpendLikeItMatters:

➡️ Estelita’s Library: Black-owned, woman-owned, family-owned (Seattle, WA)

➡️ Yu and Me Books: Asian-owned, woman-owned (NYC, NY)

➡️ Epilogue Books Chocolate Brews: Latino-owned, woman-owned (Chapel Hill, NC)

➡️ The Tiny Bookstore: Black-owned, woman-owned, family-owned (Pittsburgh, PA)

➡️ ​Duende District Bookstore: Latino-owned, women-owned (Washington, DC)

➡️ Palabras Bookstore: Latino owned, woman-owned (Phoenix, AZ)

➡️ Cafe Con Libros: Black-owned, Latina-owned, Woman-owned (Brooklyn, NY)

➡️ Loyalty Bookstore: Black-owned, Queer-owned, woman-owned (Washington, DC and Silver Spring, MD)

Many of you have been asking where to buy my book, and I’m happy to share that these bookstores all have it!

Do you have a recommendation for a local bookstore owned by women of color? If so, please share it with me to build on this resource! Thanks.

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