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My Conversation With Brené Brown on Navigating Criticism

I shared last week that I was honored to join Brené Brown on her podcast (for the third time!) with my dear friend Aiko Bethea.

We discussed the state of DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) today. If you haven’t listened to The Heart of Leadership Part 1, please do!

Yesterday, Part 2 released, where Brené, Aiko and I have an open conversation about many things, but most profoundly on my mind right now, how to navigate criticism as women on the internet.

Brené speaks candidly about her experience with negative pushback (which she also shared in a past episode of Unlocking Us), and I talked about the uptick in criticism I’ve had to face around my approach to changing the systemic issues women of color face at work and in society.

I haven’t spoken publicly about this criticism very much, and I appreciated Brené and Aiko creating the space to have this important, if painful, conversation.

Please listen, and do let me know your feedback.

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