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My Conversation with Brené Brown and Aiko Bethea on the heart of leadership

My mum says I loved to talk since pretty much the moment I learned to speak. I also loved stories—hearing and telling them.

So it’s my absolute joy to have a career now where conversations and stories are central to my life. And I never take for granted that I get to have frequent chats with brilliant thinkers and leaders—some who are household names and others who are not — including the conversations we have here in Inclusion is Leadership in the comments (thank you for your openness and generosity)!

Today I’m honored to share an exciting new conversation I’m still feeling in my bones: I joined Brené Brown for the third time on her Dare to Lead podcast, this time with my dear friend Aiko Bethea.

Aiko is someone whose heart, soul and DEI leadership have always inspired me. I loved being able to talk with Brené and Aiko about where we are with DEI today: what are we doing well? Where are we falling short? What are the challenges? And why have so many leaders lost steam around creating more inclusive workplaces?

I hope you enjoy listening, and please do offer your feedback right here in the comments. As you know, I love having conversations with you!


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